Thanks To Everyone
Wed Oct 7, 2015 17:49


The last twelve years have been very rewarding to me. Prior to 2003 I came to this message board every day to meet new people and help in any way I could for those who were battling VA. Then shortly after returning home from the Memorial Day reunion Gary Pierce asked me to take over administration of this site.

It has required a lot of time and effort but I truly feel that it has been worth every minute. It has brought closure to me and my family for that time in my life I spent in Vietnam. I just turned 68 years of age and my health is in decline so I made the decision to give up the message board back in June of this year.

I contacted Johnny V, our president, and Sam Toven who runs the website at and told them of my intentions. They understood and agreed, only asking that I help with the transition. I will continue to monitor this site until it closes in about two weeks.

I will miss you guys tremendously. I'm sure we will be seeing each other on the 199th Report but email me personally if I can ever be of assistance to anyone on VA claims or protocol. Feel free to call me at 903-856-0437 because I can talk much better than I can type.

Take care my brothers,
Rick Jones D/4/12 69-70

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  • RickJohnny Velasquez, Tue Oct 6 20:15
    Rick, As the website is about to close I want to take this opportunity to say how much I've enjoyed reading messages from all the Redcatchers. As I sure we will miss this site, we can move forward to ... more
    • Thanks To Everyone — Rick Jones, Wed Oct 7 17:49
      • ThanksJay Rees, Sat Oct 10 09:37
        A big thank you for your years of service. The message board has been a great way for all of us to vent and connect. Hope to see you and everyone next year in Benning. Jay Reese C 3/7 199th 09/66 to... more
      • Re: Thanks To EveryoneR J Goldsmith, Thu Oct 8 12:59
        Rick, Thanks and "an outstanding job". RJ
      • message boardGary Alderman, Thu Oct 8 09:26
        Thanks Rick for all you've done. God bless you and your family.
      • Re RickMike Hellberg, Wed Oct 7 23:18
        Thanks Rick!
    • Thanks RickWalter Bynum, Wed Oct 7 07:33
      I've been reading the message board for over 12 years. That is where I met a lot of the Redcatchers. Thanks so much Rick. I'm going to Vietnam in March. Looking forward to a "Heroe's Welcome" when... more
    • New Web Siterekidd47, Wed Oct 7 07:01
      I did not know we have are going to new web site What would that be Thanks Rick 3 platoon B/5/12
      • New Web Site ?Keith Averill, Wed Oct 7 09:08
        A replacement for this web site ? I must have missed that too !
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