Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:50

Dear Johnny,

It matters not that I list my name. I am first a Redcatcher and have asked an honest question. Your post back on July 3rd. go (back and review it) promised updates. The home page says that the site will provide updates in a few weeks.

I have not posted any thing on our web sight in nearly 16 months but do come and read it nearly every day so you comment about " if I CONTINUE to use your indignity as Anonymous" is not only way out of line but sounds more like some street jargon used by the uneducated trying to sound overly important....

I return to my original question. How about an update on the status of our web site and could we include a "Contact Us" button feature so our replies or miniscule type questions do not have to be aired out in our complete forum and can come more in the form of a private message to our President or his staff.

  • AnonymousJohnny Velasquez, Sat Nov 21 08:00
    Perhaps if we knew who we were dealing with we would gladly give you the information. However, since you continue to use your indignity as Anonymous, well you get the picture.
    • site — Anonymous, Tue Nov 24 10:50
      • AnonymousJohnny Velasquez, Wed Nov 25 05:57
        That word was misspelled (indignity) and I meant Identify as I sure you knew that. But you’re right I am uneducated and a street thug trying to impress,. But let me say this and this will be my last... more
    • AnonymousRobert L. Cusick, Sun Nov 22 07:02
      I'm with you Mr. President on this issue. Why is this person hesitant to give his name? We all belong to the same organization and we should respect one another. Going anonymous is not going to... more
      • messengerGary Stell, Sun Nov 22 23:24
        Ahh I love the Democrats that respond by attacking the messenger and not listen to the message. Yes this has become such a weak-feeble-old man organization.
        • messengerEd White, Tue Nov 24 13:48
          Gary Stell what's up in Viet Nam Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh City Fpt Telecom Company?
          • Living in VietnamGary Stell, Tue Nov 24 19:36
            Ed, Vietnam is my home now. I have lived here now for two years and loving it all! I have traveled here several times and toured a lot of the countryside. In my 2012 trip I identified something that... more
            • Bill HallAnonymous, Sun Feb 14 08:14
              Gary, Dave Freiman here, Bill received your letter but couldn't read your return address. If you would pass it along via my e mail I will see that he gets it. He would like to get in touch. Dave
              • Bill HallGary Stell, Sun Feb 14 21:45
                Dave Send me an email. Good to hear from you! Gary
            • email addressWalt Bynum, Wed Nov 25 17:26
              Gary Stell, what is your email address and are you on facbook? Hopefully I will see and meet you next March in Ho Chi Minh City with the Young Group. Mine
            • MessengerEd White, Wed Nov 25 11:33
              Maybe someday Bro
      • the new siteron hill, Sun Nov 22 17:20
        has a date been set yet for the new site to go live?
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