Gary Stell
Living in Vietnam
Tue Nov 24, 2015 19:36

Ed, Vietnam is my home now. I have lived here now for two years and loving it all! I have traveled here several times and toured a lot of the countryside. In my 2012 trip I identified something that I could do here and sold it all in the US and relocated. If you havenít visited I would highly recommend it. There are a bunch of vets that have done the same thing as I
Gary Stell D 3/7.

  • messengerEd White, Tue Nov 24 13:48
    Gary Stell what's up in Viet Nam Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh City Fpt Telecom Company?
    • Living in Vietnam — Gary Stell, Tue Nov 24 19:36
      • Bill HallAnonymous, Sun Feb 14 08:14
        Gary, Dave Freiman here, Bill received your letter but couldn't read your return address. If you would pass it along via my e mail I will see that he gets it. He would like to get in touch. Dave
        • Bill HallGary Stell, Sun Feb 14 21:45
          Dave Send me an email. Good to hear from you! Gary
      • email addressWalt Bynum, Wed Nov 25 17:26
        Gary Stell, what is your email address and are you on facbook? Hopefully I will see and meet you next March in Ho Chi Minh City with the Young Group. Mine
      • MessengerEd White, Wed Nov 25 11:33
        Maybe someday Bro
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