Johnny Velasquez
Wed Nov 25, 2015 05:57

That word was misspelled (indignity) and I meant Identify as I sure you knew that.

But youíre right I am uneducated and a street thug trying to impress,.

But let me say this and this will be my last response to you as Anonymous.

I have as well as several others who have posted the information regarding the new website and since you didnít get the word please go to

  • siteAnonymous, Tue Nov 24 10:50
    Dear Johnny, It matters not that I list my name. I am first a Redcatcher and have asked an honest question. Your post back on July 3rd. go (back and review it) promised updates. The home page says... more
    • Anonymous — Johnny Velasquez, Wed Nov 25 05:57
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