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Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:00

DANNY FLYNN AND DARRELL ASPEY Both from D-17th were friends of mine from basic.
If anybody has any pictures of them and would send them or post them.that would be great.
A-Btry 2/35th is having a reunion this April.
Also Kenny LaForge and I both from A2/35th both wounded at
Dinh II always get together on the 18th of April along with our wives.We both live in Illinois.
We live about 80 miles from each other,so we meet some place in the middle

  • Fire Base DinhBob Cusick, Sat May 24 15:32
    Yes our unit B 2/40th was at that base and if I recall you guys came in and pulled security for us as there was a threat of invasion. And as we all know the threat was real. We had the 105 guns and... more
    • 4-1-70 — JOHN DOMINA, Wed Mar 22 11:00
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