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dinh ii
Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:08

I have some DOD reports from MACV,and others. unit.
The original reports said about 375 NVA hit Dinh II
These reports vary from Batl,and several supporting Sapper
The RPG that hit our track came from my left side which
was from the 2/40th berm

  • 2/40thBob Cusick, Thu May 22 16:40
    Hello John: I will check memory seems to fade somewhat after all these years. If B Battery 2/40th 105 guns were there then I was there. I believe that was one of the many fire support bases we... more
    • dinh ii — JOHN DOMINA, Wed Mar 22 11:08
    • F B DINH , 4/18 /70Joe Tchinski, Sat May 24 13:08
      I was just getting released back to BMB from 93rd Evac from wounds received 4/1/70, Action against 33rd NVA w/ D troop , combat DX'd one sheridan, RPG's got us after running out of Ammo and guns that ... more
      • Dinh IIJohn Domina, Sun May 25 07:12
        Joe, There were 3 tracks hit that morning.I was in the one on the berm and close to the 2/40 area. I was put on a Dust-off and did not get to see the FSB in day light.Do you know of anybody who got... more
        • Memotial dayLarry Merryman, Mon May 26 18:27
          Hand salute to all my fallen brothers....your sacrifice will never be forgotten.....God bless.
      • Fire Base DinhBob Cusick, Sat May 24 15:32
        Yes our unit B 2/40th was at that base and if I recall you guys came in and pulled security for us as there was a threat of invasion. And as we all know the threat was real. We had the 105 guns and... more
        • 4-1-70JOHN DOMINA, Wed Mar 22 11:00
          DANNY FLYNN AND DARRELL ASPEY Both from D-17th were friends of mine from basic. If anybody has any pictures of them and would send them or post them.that would be great. A-Btry 2/35th is having a... more
    • Dinh IIJohn Domina, Fri May 23 07:01
      Bob, We got hit by the 33rd NVA Regt at 0300 we lost 3 tracks their that morning John
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