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Gary Coufal
Sat Aug 18, 2007 18:04 (XFF:,

Dan, I was glad that I could get You this Information. It is always good to be able to Talk about these things with Others. This Book was very Informative and Factual, The Man that We are talking about was a very good Company Commander and Cared about just what happened to His Men and the Unit as a whole. It was My Honor to have been one of His Men in Viet Nam.

  • Re: About the BookDan Culbert, Sat Aug 18 13:43
    Gary,. You are correct...after starting to read it I realized thet I had the wrong company (author was in C Co, not B Co). I scanned the pictures and it appears the author also discusses units other... more
    • Hello — Gary Coufal, Sat Aug 18 18:04
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