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Don C. Hall
Photos at Ft. Benning, GA
Mon Aug 20, 2007 09:39 (XFF:,

Dear Mike,
Thank you for the info, my friend. I was just at Ft. Benning GA and donated a copy of my book and I am sending a copy of our award-winnning documentary 'SILENT VICTORY' to the museum. While at the Infantry Museum I was rushed because of events for the 15th Annual Ranger reunion.

I will definately make a trip back there. There are GREAT people working in that museum and they are in the process of moving to a new larger buidling. I had Norman Reeves send me some photos of that base camp that you guys slugged it out in on 6 Dec. 1967. I was the pointman for team 27 from F/51st LRP (Abn) Infantry that found that camp. They had a kitchen in the middle with steaming rice in the pot. We saw a vast number of freshly dressed NVA laying in the sun with weapons stacked not far away. It was a darn shame that higher HQ took so long in getting the 199th out there. I think the NVA knew or found out that we were there because of their booby traps that we rearranged and placed some in and around the newly constructed bunkers. What a day, but one of many. One thing for sure is the 199th LIB was always there ready to fight. More than I can say for some other units I have learned about.
What is the name of Robert Gouge's book? Is it that large format book with the 199th LIB patch and placque on the colered cover?
I read COL Tonsetic's awesome book 'WARRIORS.' Too bad we couldn't have worked together, but Random House has me black-balled. Long story, but I had a book deal with them and pointed out the numerous fake books that they had, sent the money back and broke the book deal. When my other book 'GLORY THIEVES' comes out you'll see how most of those 101st Lurpies and the SF nonfiction book authors made stuff up. I could have sent Tonsetic tons of records that I had, but he was too busy and doesn't return the phone calls that I make to him.
Good luck to you too, Mike, and thank you!
Don Hall

  • 199th PhotosMike Swearingen, Sun Aug 19 00:14
    Don, I was a PIO with the 199th Nov 67-Nov 68, and donated all my Nam memorabilia to the National Infantry Museum at Benning, including more than 425 b&w PIO photos from that era (including some that ... more
    • Photos at Ft. Benning, GA — Don C. Hall, Mon Aug 20 09:39
      • Dec. 6 BattleMike Swearingen, Tue Aug 21 19:57
        Don, I did not say nor mean to imply that I was actually in the Dec. 6 battle myself. I wasn't. I only listened to it from the 4/12th FSB Nashua. (Dec. 6 was my first day "in the field". The battle... more
        • enemy base campDon Hall, Wed Aug 22 08:59
          Thank you, Mike for being there in RVN. The enemy continued to rebuild that same camp for months after that terrible battle. IN about March 1968, we were able to slip two heavy teams (12 men - heavy) ... more
      • Robert J. Gouge BookMike Swearingen, Tue Aug 21 19:44 "These Are My Credentials" by Robert J. Gouge
        • Thanks for my credsKen Pepiton, Mon Nov 21 23:15
          Thank you. I was with the 313 Signal Company liaison to 199th from 03/68 _03/69. You did right by a lot of old men who can't forget being part of that unique brigade.
        • www.i-served.comDon Hall, Wed Aug 22 09:07
          Robert, You sent me signed book 'THEY FOUGHT TOGETHER." Thank you my friend. I need to order your other books too. OUTSTANDING! I'm staying in centeral NC this ummer and can head your way if you like ... more
      • bookBob Arnold, Tue Aug 21 07:57
        The name of Robert Gouge book is "THEY FOUGHT TOGETHER"
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