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Dec. 6 Battle
Tue Aug 21, 2007 19:57 (XFF:,

I did not say nor mean to imply that I was actually in the Dec. 6 battle myself. I wasn't. I only listened to it from the 4/12th FSB Nashua. (Dec. 6 was my first day "in the field". The battle was already going on when I landed by resupply chopper at the FSB.) I met Chaplain Liteky, 1LT Wayne Morris, etc. the next morning, Dec. 7, and that is when I went into the basecamp and took photos. I believe that I took a photo of that kitchen. I remember being in it anyway. I also remember seeing a black bra hanging on a bush, and a pair of black pajama pants hanging up in a shattered tree. I know that I took a photo of those pants, and it's in the NIM with all of the others from there. Mike

  • Photos at Ft. Benning, GADon C. Hall, Mon Aug 20 09:39
    Dear Mike, Thank you for the info, my friend. I was just at Ft. Benning GA and donated a copy of my book and I am sending a copy of our award-winnning documentary 'SILENT VICTORY' to the museum.... more
    • Dec. 6 Battle — Mike Swearingen, Tue Aug 21 19:57
      • enemy base campDon Hall, Wed Aug 22 08:59
        Thank you, Mike for being there in RVN. The enemy continued to rebuild that same camp for months after that terrible battle. IN about March 1968, we were able to slip two heavy teams (12 men - heavy) ... more
    • Robert J. Gouge BookMike Swearingen, Tue Aug 21 19:44 "These Are My Credentials" by Robert J. Gouge
      • Thanks for my credsKen Pepiton, Mon Nov 21 23:15
        Thank you. I was with the 313 Signal Company liaison to 199th from 03/68 _03/69. You did right by a lot of old men who can't forget being part of that unique brigade.
      • www.i-served.comDon Hall, Wed Aug 22 09:07
        Robert, You sent me signed book 'THEY FOUGHT TOGETHER." Thank you my friend. I need to order your other books too. OUTSTANDING! I'm staying in centeral NC this ummer and can head your way if you like ... more
    • bookBob Arnold, Tue Aug 21 07:57
      The name of Robert Gouge book is "THEY FOUGHT TOGETHER"
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