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Don Hall
enemy base camp
Wed Aug 22, 2007 08:59 (XFF:,

Thank you, Mike for being there in RVN. The enemy continued to rebuild that same camp for months after that terrible battle. IN about March 1968, we were able to slip two heavy teams (12 men - heavy) inside the base camp and they sent up in the NVA's bunkers. We had about a dozen light teams (6 man) surrrounding the camp and calling in the enemy movements.

The 101st Abn. Div. had a terrible fight there and lost a lot of men. One of the heavy teams, inside the enemy bunker, found an bloodied Army fatigue jacket with the name of 'McDaniels' on it from the 101st. These DA1594 radio logs are full of valuable info that blows my mind, to this day.

Later, we had a team drop off from the 199th LIB and watched 8 VC leave Nashua with stolen medical supplies. They didn't get far. We usually always made contact when we had stay behind patrols with you guys. One of my fondest memories is spending time with you guys. Tradeing Lurp rations for C-rations, getting to talk to people outside our isolated world back and it was nice. You guys were all nice fellows and you had the best leaders, too.
Warest regards to you all.
Don Hall

  • Dec. 6 BattleMike Swearingen, Tue Aug 21 19:57
    Don, I did not say nor mean to imply that I was actually in the Dec. 6 battle myself. I wasn't. I only listened to it from the 4/12th FSB Nashua. (Dec. 6 was my first day "in the field". The battle... more
    • enemy base camp — Don Hall, Wed Aug 22 08:59
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