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Dan Culbert
Days of Valor
Sun Aug 26, 2007 06:33 (XFF:,

Just some feedback on this book. Very well written. It seems to cover as much as is possible in any combat scenario with so many units involved. Good looks at the big picture, then right into action at the squad, platoon and company level. Given all the confusion that surrounded the beginning of Tet, it appears that the 199th was actually in pretty good shape and turned the tables on a number of VC/NVA units before and during the early stages of the offensive. If you were the grunt on the ground who often had no more knowledge of what was going on than most, this book will offer a great persepctive and fill in a lot of holes in what actually happened not only in the individual infantryman's view, but what was going on around you at the comany, battalion and brigade level. My uncle was with D/E 4/12 during this time period and we have spoken over the last 30 years of several of the events detailed in here. It's great to see the heroism of so many good men finally published so we may never forget this proud chapter of service to our nation. God bless the vets of the 199th, especially the ones who did not make it home.

  • Book about 4/12, 199th LIBDan Culbert, Fri Aug 17 17:08
    Gents, I hope this isn't a repost or old information...I just received a book in the mail entitled "Days of Valor" about the 199th LIB. It covers the period Dec 67 to Jun 68. My uncle, Paul Walters,... more
    • Days of Valor — Dan Culbert, Sun Aug 26 06:33
      • DAYS OF VALORDon C. Hall, Tue Aug 28 08:24
        I received my hardcover book yesterday and I was up most of the night reading it. To me, it is one of the best Vietnam War books ever written. The vast amount of research and putting the names to the ... more
      • East Coast/West CoastEd Davis, Mon Aug 27 08:59
        Redcatcher's For Your Information the response for the 2008 Reunion in Reno seems to be the West Coast Guy's so Johnny "V" and I have a wager that just because the response now is mainly West Coast... more
    • About the BookGary Coufal, Sat Aug 18 10:06
      You are Correct about the Book and It is all True information it it. The Author was with Us and He was the Company Commander for C 4/12 during his time of Command. He was My Company Commander.
      • Re: About the BookDan Culbert, Sat Aug 18 13:43
        Gary,. You are correct...after starting to read it I realized thet I had the wrong company (author was in C Co, not B Co). I scanned the pictures and it appears the author also discusses units other... more
        • HelloGary Coufal, Sat Aug 18 18:04
          Dan, I was glad that I could get You this Information. It is always good to be able to Talk about these things with Others. This Book was very Informative and Factual, The Man that We are talking... more
    • Book about 4/12, 199th LIB (nm)Gary W.Coufal, Sat Aug 18 10:01
      • Future bookDon C. Hall, Sat Aug 18 13:54
        I am the author of 'I SERVED' and the award-winning documentary 'SILENT VICTORY. Also friends of many 199th LIB members. See my web page at: We are working on an update (end... more
        • 'WAR ZONE D.'-let me know please.John W. Hart, Thu Aug 30 18:03
          I have finished the rough draft of 'WAR ZONE D.' Anyone who would like to add personal stories, photos or records let me know please. I want to thank Rick Jones, Pasqual, Reeves and all the rest who... more
        • 'WAR ZONE D.'-let me know please.John W. Hart, Thu Aug 30 18:00
          I have finished the rough draft of 'WAR ZONE D.' Anyone who would like to add personal stories, photos or records let me know please. I want to thank Rick Jones, Pasqual, Reeves and all the rest who... more
        • 199th PhotosMike Swearingen, Sun Aug 19 00:14
          Don, I was a PIO with the 199th Nov 67-Nov 68, and donated all my Nam memorabilia to the National Infantry Museum at Benning, including more than 425 b&w PIO photos from that era (including some that ... more
          • Photos at Ft. Benning, GADon C. Hall, Mon Aug 20 09:39
            Dear Mike, Thank you for the info, my friend. I was just at Ft. Benning GA and donated a copy of my book and I am sending a copy of our award-winnning documentary 'SILENT VICTORY' to the museum.... more
            • Dec. 6 BattleMike Swearingen, Tue Aug 21 19:57
              Don, I did not say nor mean to imply that I was actually in the Dec. 6 battle myself. I wasn't. I only listened to it from the 4/12th FSB Nashua. (Dec. 6 was my first day "in the field". The battle... more
              • enemy base campDon Hall, Wed Aug 22 08:59
                Thank you, Mike for being there in RVN. The enemy continued to rebuild that same camp for months after that terrible battle. IN about March 1968, we were able to slip two heavy teams (12 men - heavy) ... more
            • Robert J. Gouge BookMike Swearingen, Tue Aug 21 19:44
     "These Are My Credentials" by Robert J. Gouge
              • Thanks for my credsKen Pepiton, Mon Nov 21 23:15
                Thank you. I was with the 313 Signal Company liaison to 199th from 03/68 _03/69. You did right by a lot of old men who can't forget being part of that unique brigade.
              • www.i-served.comDon Hall, Wed Aug 22 09:07
                Robert, You sent me signed book 'THEY FOUGHT TOGETHER." Thank you my friend. I need to order your other books too. OUTSTANDING! I'm staying in centeral NC this ummer and can head your way if you like ... more
            • bookBob Arnold, Tue Aug 21 07:57
              The name of Robert Gouge book is "THEY FOUGHT TOGETHER"
    • More ReadingThomas R. "Bogie" Bogenhagen, Sat Aug 18 09:35
      Dan, If you go back thru the postings on this message board, about three(3) pages back, you will come to this one, "Redcatcher Reading Robert J. Gouge, Sat Apr 14 15:14" It has MORE reading for you ... more
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