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East Coast/West Coast
Mon Aug 27, 2007 08:59 (XFF:,

For Your Information the response for the 2008 Reunion in Reno seems to be the West Coast Guy's so Johnny "V" and I have a wager that just because the response now is mainly West Coast I'm betting that the Guy's form the East Coast will match them or surpass there numbers. It looks to me that the numbers are many and it should be a great gathering of "Redcatchers!"
Hope to see you in "RENO 2008"

  • Days of ValorDan Culbert, Sun Aug 26 06:33
    Gents, Just some feedback on this book. Very well written. It seems to cover as much as is possible in any combat scenario with so many units involved. Good looks at the big picture, then right into... more
    • DAYS OF VALORDon C. Hall, Tue Aug 28 08:24
      I received my hardcover book yesterday and I was up most of the night reading it. To me, it is one of the best Vietnam War books ever written. The vast amount of research and putting the names to the ... more
    • East Coast/West Coast — Ed Davis, Mon Aug 27 08:59
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