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Fort Bragg
Tue Sep 4, 2007 07:59 (XFF:,

It has been 40 years, and I may well know your husband from those Army days. If any of the following rings a bell, please ask him to email me. I was on active duty for more than three years from Oct 1965- Nov 68. I enlisted in Airborne Infantry after graduating from college in 1965 and went through Basic Training at Ft. Polk, LA and Infantry AIT at Ft. Gordon, GA. I was assigned to the 197th Infantry Training Brigade at Ft. Benning waiting on my OCS class opening there. I graduated from Infantry OCS in Dec 66 and Jump School there in Jan. 1967. I was assigned to Fort Bragg in the Third Special Forces Group from late Jan 1967 as a 2LT and completed the Special Forces Officer Course at what was the JFK Special Warfare Center there then. (I was at Benning and Bragg with a lot of the same people.) In Feb-Mar 1967 the entire Third Special Forces Group flew out to Utah and Montana and jumped into the snow for a huge month-long cold weather excercise. (That was brilliant, since almost every one on us was being sent to Nam.) I met and married my wife Linda at Fort Bragg (her Dad was the deputy and Acting AG of the 18th Airborne Corps) and we just celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary On Aug. 25. I lived in an off-post house in Fayetteville while at Bragg with 3 other SF lietenants and a sergeant from the 82nd, who was the brother of one of their girlfriends. I went over to Nam in late 67 assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade, but the political side of the war was heating up then, and they were re-assigning everyone with a Journalism or English degree to be Public Information Officers. I had a degree in Journalism and was re-assigned to the 199th as a PIO. I "1049ed" (Request For Transfer) repeatedly for the first half of my tour to get out of being a PIO, which I did not want to do, but the 199th S-1 wouldn't let me, so that's what I did. Thus ended my illustrious military career. If your husband can recall any of the above, then I may well know him. Thanks. Mike

  • Mike SwearingerSondra, Mon Sep 3 18:46
    Mike, At one time you said that you were at Fort Bragg and my husband Ron was wanting to know when? He was there in 67-68 and remembers someone with your name. Just wondering if it could have been... more
    • Fort Bragg — Mike Swearingen, Tue Sep 4 07:59
      • SmaldoneJim MacGill, Fri Jun 9 15:01
        My dad was Jimmie MacGill. He served with Smaldone and was in Vietnam for both his tours when Smaldone was there I would also like to talk to him . My father has passed way and I would love to talk... more
      • Re: Fort BraggAnonymous, Tue Sep 4 16:48
        Mike, Ron said that you weren't the one he knew. The other guy was with the 39th. Art. It was in the new division area next to the Special Forces area. I am still looking for Captain Antonio V.... more
        • Re: Fort BraggBill Carr, Thu Sep 13 15:00
          You might try the National Archieves. No guarantees. Bill C/2/3/199th LIB, 66-67
        • CPT SmaldoneMike Swearingen, Tue Sep 4 17:00
          I recall that rumor had it that CPT Smaldone listed "Next-of-Kin: U.S. Army". I was told that he was an orphan who had enlisted in the Army at a young age. Never heard that he had been adopted. To be ... more
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