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Re: Fort Bragg
Tue Sep 4, 2007 16:48 (XFF:,

Ron said that you weren't the one he knew. The other guy was with the 39th. Art. It was in the new division area next to the Special Forces area.

I am still looking for Captain Antonio V. Smaldone and still NO LUCK. Here is where I have been searching.

called the local VA he hasn't made any claims or even medical care
called almost all the Smaldones in the USA
he last place of residents was Cohoes, New York
no public records in that city
called the local VFW and ect. they knew one but he turned out to be in his 80's not him
the above one told me he adopted him as a child and they lost contact
checked with the local library and they said they have no records of him checking out books
checked with the local Catholic Churches
called Albany, New York to see if he was a member of any of the Diocese in New York area
called the area funeral homes and the name doesn't sound familar

Other than these can you make any suggestion? It is driving me NUTS.


  • Fort BraggMike Swearingen, Tue Sep 4 07:59
    Sondra, It has been 40 years, and I may well know your husband from those Army days. If any of the following rings a bell, please ask him to email me. I was on active duty for more than three years... more
    • SmaldoneJim MacGill, Fri Jun 9 15:01
      My dad was Jimmie MacGill. He served with Smaldone and was in Vietnam for both his tours when Smaldone was there I would also like to talk to him . My father has passed way and I would love to talk... more
    • Re: Fort Bragg — Anonymous, Tue Sep 4 16:48
      • Re: Fort BraggBill Carr, Thu Sep 13 15:00
        You might try the National Archieves. No guarantees. Bill C/2/3/199th LIB, 66-67
      • CPT SmaldoneMike Swearingen, Tue Sep 4 17:00
        I recall that rumor had it that CPT Smaldone listed "Next-of-Kin: U.S. Army". I was told that he was an orphan who had enlisted in the Army at a young age. Never heard that he had been adopted. To be ... more
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