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199th Yearbooks
Mon Sep 17, 2007 00:15 (XFF:,

There were two official 199th yearbooks published while the Brigade was serving in Vietnam. I donated both my original copies to the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning and another original copy of the first yearbook to the Camp Shelby Museum. There were copies online for a while, but I don't know if there still are. There are others out there in private hands. Mike

  • REDCATCHER YEARBOOKLynn, Sun Sep 16 09:46
    I'm looking for the "199th Infantry Brigade Yearbook Vietnam-Light Swift Accurate" are there any out there where one could get one. Thanks Lynn
    • Year bookJohn Walker 87th Eng. 1966-1968, Sun Nov 4 20:01
      I would like to have a yr book to post on my site. Need some Engineers photos during the early years 66-68 thanx
      • john walkerBob martin, Sun Nov 17 22:54
        John how I get to your web site.I forgot it Bob YHWH
        • 87th eng cojohn 87th eng, Mon Nov 18 09:49
          Take what you want from FB and I will post more today. John
        • web sitejohn 87th eng, Mon Nov 18 09:26
          Hi Bob how have you been? I changed sits so go to I will load more photos as time allows. Good to hear from you John YHWH
    • Redcatcher YearbookPaul Mooney, Tue Sep 18 00:53
      I have a copy of the yearbook that I could scan in and email as a PDF file, if anyone is interested. Best, Paul
      • 199th yearbookdoc andy archibeque, Mon Mar 11 08:59
        • Redcatcher YearbookPaul Mooney, Mon Mar 11 15:29
          Hi, I promised to scan in my yearbook several years ago, but neglected to do this. I apologize. However, I promise to get this done in the next week and will share with anyone who wants a copy.... more
          • YearbookTom Monahan, Tue Mar 12 03:11
            I would like a copy .
      • Post OfficeFred wilson, Sun Mar 10 12:51
        Did you work in the Post Office?
      • Wrong NameFred Wilson, Sun Mar 10 08:46
        Paul I am sorry I called you Tom.My senior moment!! Thanks Fred
        • YearbookPaul Mooney, Mon Mar 11 23:52
          No problem Fred.
      • YearbookFred Wilson, Sat Mar 9 11:01
        Can you please send me the Yearbook.Were you in Vietnam in 1968-69?
        • Year BooksSam Toven, Sat Mar 9 23:56
 you can find 199th year books at this link. they are on the 199th LIB Association web site. Are you the Fred Wilson that... more
          • Rosterratscallion70, Tue Mar 12 11:41
            Here I can be found on the third page. SP/4 Edwin L White. I Just find it odd I'm not on the roster here>
            • RosterSam Toven, Wed Mar 13 00:26
              Edwin,The roster that you have been left off was produced several years ago, and I am not sure of the original source that the information was taken from. The original files I used to compile the... more
              • Rosterratscallion70, Wed Mar 13 14:22
                Thanks Sam. I wouldn't have said anything but I've had problems on other issues here. The web site looks freakin awesome and I'm glad to hear your on top of the situation of updating. Peace
          • 1969 year bookratscallion70, Mon Mar 11 13:26
            Can anyone tell me why I'm not on the roster? SP/4 Edwin L White.
            • RosterSam Toven, Mon Mar 11 21:03
              Which Roster are you talking about?
              • Rosterratscallion70, Tue Mar 12 11:28
                I'm nowhere to be found. and I find that a little offensive
              • Rosterratscallion70, Mon Mar 11 22:52
                199th Infantry Brigade Yearbook. 17th Cav 69 or 70
          • ConfusedFred Wilson, Sun Mar 10 09:07
            Sam Yes!!! Please let me know,what you are doing and where you are living? I originally thought Paul Moony sent me the response to my email?Do you know if he was in our company? Thanks Fred
            • APO 96279Sam Toven, Sun Mar 10 11:21
              Fred, How you doing? I live in LA now are you still in NY? Have you been in touch with any of the other guys from the post office over the years? Do you remember Lucky and Art Zweben? I am in touch... more
              • post officebob Tolliver, Sun Mar 10 23:50
                Sam are you talking about the post offic at bmb nam? if so in late 69 early 70 i went to the post office. much to my surprize the guy waiting on me was my cousin by the same name Robert... more
                • Post OfficeSam Toven, Mon Mar 11 01:18
                  Bob I was the Brigade mail truck driver from August 68 to February 69, I picked up and delivered all of the 199th mail to and from Tan Son Nhat airport every day.In February 69 after a minor... more
                  • LunchBob Tolliver, Mon Mar 11 08:19
                    Sam thanks for your post.I dont have contact with my cousin at this time and havent for about 39 yrs. it's complicated. on a brighter note have you heard about the southern Ca Redcatcher lunchion? I... more
          • Post OfficeFred Wolson, Sun Mar 10 08:41
            Hello Tom Yes!! If I remember right you lived in Lima Ohio.I live in NYC and getting ready to retire at the end of 2013.Where do you live?Do you know any of the others,who worked with us? Great to... more
        • YearbookGary Stell, Sat Mar 9 23:52
          I have the 3/7 book scanned from 1970 and a paperback year book that was published that year. I thought there were available on line now.
      • redcatcher yearbookAnonymous, Sun Nov 4 13:51
        i would really love a copy of the redcatcher yearbook.
        • yearbookgary, Tue Nov 6 16:00
          contact me privatly for a scanned copy gary
      • yearbookTom Monahan, Sun Oct 28 11:06
        I would love a copy . Tom A Co 2/3
        • Hi TomLouie Yeostros, Mon Oct 29 09:53
          Hi Tom,how are you doing? When were you in Alpha 2/3? I was with Alpha 2/3 from 10/68 to 1/5 70. I am hosting an Alpha co reunion in Sarasota Fl this January. Please e/m me at more
          • CO A.. 2/3 199 thTom Burke, Thu Nov 1 04:55
            Hi Yogi .. I sent an e-mail to your AOL address U sent me .. I THINK ?? LOL Let me know if u receive it ... Tom :)
      • 199th light infantryBob Arnold, Thu Sep 27 08:42
        Paul Please send me pdf file My E-mail is i was with Co A 2/3 1966-1967
        • GRAND MARSHALLJohnnie H. Williams Jr 4/12 (1968 TET)., Sun Oct 20 15:34
          On 10/20/2013 2:22 PM, is wrote: > Johnnie good afternoon! > The United Veterans Day Parade Committee of Greater New York, Inc. has selected you as a GRAND MARSHALL in this years parade on Sunday... more
        • albumJames R. Livingston, Fri Sep 28 03:25
          Paul may I have a copy of the pdf disc also. Thanks Bro welcome home.
      • Redcatcher YearbookH.Dale Attaway, Sat Sep 22 17:03
        Paul, I would also be interested in a yearbook copy. Thanks in advance. H.D. Attaway, "C" Co. 5/12th 1968-69.
      • 199th yearbookAnonymous, Fri Sep 21 23:55
        Boy I didn't know that I was going to start all of this up for a book I was looking for.
      • YB PDFljr, Thu Sep 20 08:14
        I would like Year Book PDF file.......... Tanks
        • Year Book PDF file.John W. Hart, Fri Sep 21 17:31
          I would like Year Book PDF file..... JWH
      • YearbookHank Sisneros, Wed Sep 19 13:27
        Paul, I've never seen one and would appreciate a copy.
      • Year BookDanny L Mabe, Wed Sep 19 07:43
        Would please send me a copy I would be more than glad to pay . Thanks Danny e-mail
      • Redcatcher YearbookBob Cheatham, Wed Sep 19 07:43
        Paul, I would really appreciate a PDF copy of the yearbook. Thank You ! Bob
        • Yearbookhenry p. todd, Fri Sep 21 19:16
          Paul I would also like a copy of the yearbook Thanks Henry HQ 2\40 FA Jun 66-OCT 67
        • Redcatcher YearbookPaul Mooney, Wed Sep 19 07:49
          Hi Bob, Sure. I'm on a trip now, but will be home in a few days and will scan it in and send you a copy. Please send me your email. If you don't hear from me by the weekend, send me a reminder. Best, ... more
      • Redcatcher YearbookStanley Beloat, Tue Sep 18 08:58
        Paul, I would like to get a copy of the Yearbook. My e-mail address is I sure appreciate it. Regards, Stan
    • yearbookgary stell, Mon Sep 17 06:55
      Last spring I scanned my copy. Contact me privately and I can provide a CD for you. Gary Stell
    • 199th Yearbooks — Mike Swearingen, Mon Sep 17 00:15
      • 199th Year BookDanny L. LaClair, Sun Sep 23 14:18
        I got mine at Fort Huachuca in 1970. There must be a bunch out there somewhere because they sent Huachuca several hundred copies and there were only four Redcatchers there at the time.
        • Dan LaClairFred Waterman, Tue Sep 25 15:28
          Are you the same Dan LaClair who was with C/4/12. If you are, C/4/12 is having a reunion in Washington, DC over Veterans Day. If interested, contact
          • Vet,s day reunionMrs Top, Mon Oct 29 13:07
            Dan, my husband, the late George Holmes, was the CSM of 4/12 C-CP in 67-68. he passed last nov. Will be standing in his stead at vet,s day reunion, next week. Will be at the Virginian Suites Hotel.... more
          • c-4/12Danny L. LaClair, Tue Sep 25 16:31
            yep. That's me. Veterans Day? Is that Nov. 11?
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