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Jerry D. Kelley
A/C 459
Fri Jan 18, 2008 17:30 (XFF:,

I flew 459 a lot I flew Davison, Bennette and that new Guy Bond. About when did this occur. I may remember the time. I was short when Bond came along I got cross wise with him when I found repelling roads on board one morning during my preflight inspection, I ask the aid LT Watson what were they there for,"he said that if the general could not land with a unit he would repel down to them. I told Watson the man was a F--=ing idiot,that if we were to ever to take fire at a high out of ground effect hover I WOULD HAVE MY CREW CHIEF CUT THE ROPE. The rope stayed, next day he had a new command pilot. I came home, he got his ass shot off. I would not every endanger my crew for one man that wanted to be John Wayne. Sorry but I do not share the feelings about him as others did, he was reckless and that what got him killed. He was where an General Officer din't need to be. thats what they have 2/Lt's for.Now Davison I would fly that man anywhere, He was a true soldiers soldier. Two Zero Out. sorry I kinda got on the soap box there.

  • Fireball AircraftRodger Crum, Fri Jan 18 15:46
    Fireball Two Zero, I am not sure if the General would have really given an Article 15 to a Fireball pilot that had a hard landing or questional take-off. But I know for sure that it would have been... more
    • Generalfireballpilot, Sat Jan 19 15:02
      Hey Roger did realize it was you that I have been talking with. How the world you doing outlaw? drop me a line at my e-mail sometime. I have many fond memories of Gen Gen,did I ever tell you about... more
    • A/C 459 — Jerry D. Kelley, Fri Jan 18 17:30
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