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Sat Jan 19, 2008 15:02 (XFF:,

Hey Roger did realize it was you that I have been talking with. How the world you doing outlaw? drop me a line at my e-mail sometime. I have many fond memories of Gen Gen,did I ever tell you about the time I took him low leveling in a Loach once? Jerry

  • Fireball AircraftRodger Crum, Fri Jan 18 15:46
    Fireball Two Zero, I am not sure if the General would have really given an Article 15 to a Fireball pilot that had a hard landing or questional take-off. But I know for sure that it would have been... more
    • General — fireballpilot, Sat Jan 19 15:02
    • A/C 459Jerry D. Kelley, Fri Jan 18 17:30
      I flew 459 a lot I flew Davison, Bennette and that new Guy Bond. About when did this occur. I may remember the time. I was short when Bond came along I got cross wise with him when I found repelling... more
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