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OPENSIBA! by Pulang Bagani Productions
Thu Sep 13, 2007 3:34am (XFF:


We have just updated the ISNAYP ( broadcast with OPENSIBA, a coverage of the New People's Army (NPA) Mindanao's military campaign against the AFP, Philippine National Police (PNP), and para-military groups of the Macapagal-Arroyo regime.

Among the target of these tactical offensives are government units and military officials responsible for the abduction and extra-judicial killing of civilian patriots, activists, and critiques of the administration.

Aside from a short flashback of the Magpet Raid (see Kilab: Magpet Raid) OPENSIBA reports most of the tactical offensives in the region from November 2005 to February 2006. Some of the highlights were the November 11, 2005 raid in Quezon, Bukidnon and the February 5, 2006 raid in Lingig, Surigao Del Sur.

The Bukidnon and Surigao Del Sur raid of government detachments reaped 35 firearms. The NPA's suprise attack controlled the municipal detachments without a single shot being fired from both sides. The latter tactical offensive pinned down an Armed Personnel Carrier (APC) and a 6x6 Infantry truck in a parallel ambush of the government's reinforcement convoy from the 36th Infantry Battalion.

The Merardo Arce Command conducted a total of 125 tactical offensives in the Southern Mindanao Region in 2005 alone. OPENSIBA was produced with the help of the National Democratic Front - Mindanao, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Pulang Bagani Company of the NPA, the Ka Paking Guimbaolibot Red Partisan Brigade, and 14 other NPA Operations Command in Mindanao, Philippines.

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