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Alagaan ang Kalikasan
Wed Oct 10, 2007 5:06am (XFF:

The used of force to push the ambition of any person is difenetly wrong, especialy if the affected are the people who only knew is to earn a peso for them to buy a food for there family. The geothermal plant produce a job that can be a source of there living, it also help our economy but if this company destroy our enviroment we need to stop this to prevent more damage in the future.

So People of bicol and there leaders need to evaluate the GOOD and BAD effect of this geohermals! maybe a forum where in the Bicolanos are the one wo judge but not only the Group who have personal interest of this.....


  • In a swift and well planned offensive, guerrillas from the Armando Catapia Command (ACC) of the New People's Army (NPA) successfully conducted a punitive action against El Dore Mining Corporation in... more
    • Alagaan ang Kalikasan — tulio, Wed Oct 10 5:06am
      • Re: Alagaan ang KalikasanAnonymous, Thu Oct 11 9:34pm
        Actually, before El Dore mining came to Camarines Norte, the baranggay was a flourishing small-scale mining community and agricultural bario. It was the foreign mining operation of El Dore that... more
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