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Skirt Day by Flapaddict
Tue May 22, 2012 4:11am

Hey Folks, It's beena while since I was here last but I thought I'd tap up the old "Hive Mind" and find out if anyone knows whether Flapaddict aka C Maxwell's still around?

I'm working my way through his brilliant story Skirt Day. I added it onto my Kindle4 the other day and I'm loving this story all over again. So much so it's inspiring me to draw some more scenes from this story.

Anyway my question still stands, anyone know if C Maxwel's written anything new or has contact with him? I sent him an email to a yahoo email address I found at his old website, I hope it doesn't bounce back.

If you're not familier with skirt day I can highly recommend reading it.

Bye for now


    • New chapter postedhm, Fri Jun 1 8:46am
      Looks like Flapaddict is still around... He has just posted a new chapter to Skirt Day!!!
      • I'm still aroundC. Maxwell, Fri Aug 31 1:38am
        Was just googling myself and came across this discussion. To confirm, I am still around. I appreciate the appreciation of my aging story here! Still looking for the time to finish it. I realize I... more
        • Skirt DayC. Maxwell, Fri Dec 13 1:48pm
          Hello flappadict I was re-reading this wonderfull story and thougth let's have a look and see if thereis, by chance, an addition; and here it is! Thank you and I hope you continue. It's one of the... more
        • More pleasePattyWako, Fri Sep 13 12:08am
          I think Audrey spanks Lisa.
        • Skirt Day!Glenn , Sun Sep 2 12:18pm
          Hi C. Maxwell, You are talking about more chapters of Skirt Day before the end of the year correct? Such a good story! Glenn
    • Incidentally...Ophanim, Sun May 27 4:34am
      ...'The Game' is amazing, and it's sad that it was never finished.
    • Re: Skirt Day!Glenn , Wed May 23 10:27pm
      Hi Biker, Thanks for the link. I think I read some of this but it has been awhile back so will enjoy it again. Glenn
      • Re: Skirt Day!Biker, Thu May 24 2:02pm
        You're welcome! I heard back from Flapaddict via his Gmail address, I sent him the drawing I did of Lisa from Chapter 18 when Cherly utters the words in her ear "Take off your panties, Lisa. Right... more
    • Re: Skirt Day by FlapaddictAnonymous, Tue May 22 9:06am
      Hmmmm looks like that aco... for flapaddict I emailed is dead. I have a undeliverable message come back to my emails a bit later after posting it. Oh well. If you know of an alternate address or a... more
      • James DrawingsZappedfan, Tue May 22 9:44pm
        Hey Biker, There was a request on the board here for your old "James" drawings. You know, the male Jenny. -Zappedfan
        • Re: James DrawingsBiker, Thu May 24 2:05pm
          Yeah I scrolled back a couple of pages here and found the comment in question. Looking back on my early drawings I can't believe how crappy they are. I feel like James in that regard. I'm embarrassed ... more
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