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nylon stockings
Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:08am

I purchase old cars, restore them, then re-sell in an "antique cars for sale" magazine. Often the pics in the magazine include a female model getting in or out of the car with the door open, in a short dress with the hem hiked way up, high heeled shoes. Often the tops of the model's nylon stockings and the straps of her garter belt showing.

I persuaded my wife to pose while I took some photos that I could include with my next ad. She realized I wanted her to wear a short dress and heels. I asked her to include thigh-high nylons and a garter belt. She was amused. "You want me to put on MORE clothes?" She went along with the idea. The pictures turned out great and the ad got lots of attention.

    • CongratulationsLaura, Fri Oct 14 7:08pm
      Congratulations and what a fine idea. I often help out at trade shows, and it's amazing how much more business we get, when the other girls and myself were short dresses and nylons.
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