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A CFNM website idea, YMCA
Sat Oct 15, 2016 5:25pm

I’ve tried writing a story set in the 1970 to 1972 era. A story set at a YMCA of that time. A story when men swam nude without today’s stigma of that sort of thing being “gay”. A story that isn’t just a sex story. A story with a plot, and suspense, character development.

I liked that era. I liked the women’s fashions a lot. Ultra mini-dresses, braless, hot pants, platform shoes. Lots of legs. Lots of bounce.

Can’t do it. I’m too old - with memory and attention issues. I never was a particularly good writer and I’m not getting better.

A thought occurs to me. Maybe a good thought: Maybe a dud.

There is a great website called “reallifecam”. It is a huge hit with voyeurs. What they’ve done is set up cameras in an apartment suite. The people who live in the apartment aren’t acting for the cameras. They go about their daily lives without regard to being filmed for the internet. Check it out. I don’t want to have to describe what its like.

Now, imagine for a moment that its done in a “pretend” 1971 YMCA.

There are women who work at the Y - but not many. Lots of YMCA members.

The camera shows a view of the men arriving and leaving. Some men are doing business with the lady at the front desk.

Keep a watch there. The receptionist sometimes leaves her desk to go back into the “members’ only area”. When she does that you can click on one of the back areas where the men are naked.

You won’t often see much happening there. The male members get an initial full-nude medical. One of the lifeguards visits the nurse in her office – just to chat.

That is an active place. The secretary and nurse frequently go there to have coffee breaks, lunch breaks, at times just for some company.

That camera (or, cameras) let us see the YMCA members getting dressed and undressed and taking showers before and after using the pool. The front desk secretary is there several times each day. She gathers towels and throws them in the washer and dryer, posts stuff on the bulletin board, opens locks for guys who have forgotten their locker key, etc.

Aside from the female lifeguard, and the nurse giving lifesaving lessons, these camera mostly just show male members swimming.

1. I’d say that REALLIFECAM has too much free stuff to make good money. I watch it a lot and have never paid to join.
2. People don’t trust sites that automatically renew, and put more and more charges on their credit card.
3. I’d suggest that the only “free views” should be the front desk area. You could see the skimpy dressed secretary, and the skimpy dressed nurse, coming and going back into the “members’ area”, but if you want to see CFNM you have to pay to join.

    • Undressed Fantasiesecnokram, Fri Nov 4 10:34am
      I loved the old "Undressed Fantasies" posts. They came closest to my idea of what CFNM and CMNF should be. I'm happy to see that Barney is trying to write again and look forward to anything he may... more
    • There are many voyeur websitesvisitor, Sun Oct 23 8:15pm
      While there might not be a website that fits your exact description, there are voyeur sites with videos taken on nude beaches, locker rooms, and so on. In 2 words: similar content. I would encourage... more
      • cfnm storybarney, Sun Oct 23 11:41pm
        I was a pioneer of the internet stories about naked men and clothed women. We weren't very sophisticated back then. We didn't have a name for our genre. I tried to call it "undressed fantasies" but... more
    • Re: A CFNM website idea, YMCAcc, Sun Oct 16 4:16pm
      That has some real potential! The first thing I think of is a successful businessman who swims there a couple days a week. Unbeknownst to him, his secretary's sister works there....
      • I'd help outBarney, Mon Oct 17 3:40pm
        There is no shortage of modern men who will take off their clothes on camera, in the right circumstances. An opportunity to go naked on camera is great, but not enough. A small salary per hour would... more
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