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Mr. Mongo
Another nude protest
Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:14pm

    • Re: Another nude protestAnonymous, Thu Jul 13 6:27am
      Where did the protest take place and what were they protesting? (Not that it really matters. :) ) It had to have been a chilly strip down, looking at the coats worn by the photographers.
      • Re: Another nude protestjsmt, Mon Jul 17 11:11am
        It is a protest in Buenos Aires, Argentina against "feminicidios" (killing a woman because she is a woman). In Argentina, one woman dies each day victim of violence, frequently from the hands of her... more
        • Hi Jsmt!Gr8brkr, Mon Jul 17 12:45pm
          Any chance you are going to write again? I miss your stories.
          • Re: Hi Jsmt!jsmt, Tue Jul 18 11:40am
            I had been pondering to return; Maybe I'll do it at some point in the future :)
    • Re: Another nude protestT., Wed Jul 12 3:27pm
      Thank you Mr. Mongo it was most amusing to see so many fully nude women blocking a street in lines, and screaming before redressing though some seemed determined to keep their breasts bare even after ... more
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