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Not a Whore?
Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:05pm

Just a bit off the reservation....

Ariel Winter is not a whore. This is her statement when people responded unfavorably to her many booty short and thong bikini pics. We here at the ASN do not condone personal attacks on individuals for expressing themselves. Ms. Winter is far from being considered unattractive. She is very much so. However with fame comes the pitfalls of such fame. From the Frappening (stolen naked pictures) to celebrity mug shots, one cannot live in the spotlight without sometimes the spotlight shining on your less than flattering moments.

There will always be haters. People who cannot get over losing (football or elections), and some people who just simply hate because their lives are filled with meaninglessness.

However, my advice to Ms. Winter is to know that if you have to publically state you are not a whore, the public will consider you one. Ignore the haters and we look forward to your future nude movie roles. Even then continue to ignore the haters, wear what makes you happy or don't wear anything if that equally makes you happy.

Here's her costar (TV Mom) Julie Bowen in a nude scene.

Just a few thoughts from the reservation,

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