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Hamilton Dare
Sun Aug 6, 2017 7:32am

Hi everyone,

I've been reading stories on ASN IndianOutlaw since 2002 (I think that far back). Last night I told a friend about the site and how I'd love to do something daring. Yes, a few drinks had been had. To make a long story short, she made a bet with me.

The Bet:
(1) Ask if anyone is from Hamilton Ontario and if they write to my email I tell them the street where the dare will take place. Not the address.
(2) exit via my garage with the front door locked, wearing just a pair of shoes, my CB6000s, and my dogs collar. I'm told the jingle of the tags will be terrifying if I move.
(3) place key to handcuffs at end of drive way, keys to house across the road in neighbours garden.
(4) wait X amount of time. X determined by how many runs the Jays score tonight (Sunday) times 2.
(5) position. On knees, head on ground, bum in the air. Open to suggestions for if I should be facing the road or bum facing the road. Original bet was blindfolded. But I don't have a blindfold :)
(6) when time is up, unlock handcuff at the end of the drive way, it's well lit. Then go and get the house key.
My neighbourhood is upper middle class and is dead quite after 10pm so little chance of anyone being up. I'm not on a busy street, do limited car volume. I'd be surprised if any drives by at this hour. Porch is dark, but street has lights.

Any suggestions?


    • Hamilton dareJack , Sun Aug 6 7:46am
      I'm sure you are suppose to be uncomfortable outside. But I suggest 2 face cloths for your knees. That way they are too small for cover, but your knees don't get sore. my suggestion is that you add... more
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