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Peter Wells
Naked night walk.
Mon Aug 7, 2017 8:06pm

Last night I went for a walk naked.
It was a little after midnight and I drove out of town to this spot I know where I can walk the country roads naked in relative safety.
I set it up to be a forced walk though, to make it more interesting. Also, it was about 55f outside, so not long after I started I was shivering with cold too.
I stopped at one point and with twist ties attached a key to a lock box to a stop sign. Then I drove two miles to a place I knew I could park my car without it getting any attention. I stripped and put my clothes in the lock box, placing the box about twenty feet away from the car hidden in a bush. Then locked the car and put my car keys in the lock box too, before closing the padlock.
Now I was stuck, and needed to walk 2 miles to get the key, and 2 miles back before I could dress again or even get in my car.
The first leg was the dirt road I was on, which wasn't easy to walk barefoot, which slowed me down a bit. About a half mile of that.
Then I was on a county highway, paved road, that was easy going. But there was the occasional car to worry about. When one did come I had to head for the ditch on one side of the road and hunker down till it passed, cos there was no over cover since the area was nothing but farmland. But at least it was so open I could see a car coming far before they could get close enough to see me.
Still, it is a sensation to be crouched down in the weeds and grasses, naked, as a car zooms by only 15 feet away. And to make it worse, it was almost a full moon last night so I felt very very lit up as I walked.
But, after dodging about 8 or 9 cars, I finally made it to the key and started back, shivering with cold.
This time the moon was behind me, and I saw how clear and well defined my shadow was. And it was wild to think that there was no outline of any clothing on it, it was all just me. It was almost like I was being followed by a camera.
Getting back to the dirt road was easier than the way out, but I did have a scare once I was there. There is no ditch to hide in on the dirt road, and again it is completely open, nothing to hide behind. And just as I started down it a car started coming down the highway.
I debated going back to the highway to get to a ditch, but took too long deciding and ended up running into the field and practically lying down on my belly to hide in the foot high plants planted there.
The headlights of the car swept over me but didn't stop, so I got up again, brushed myself off and continued on.
In the dark, I didn't even see my dark colored car till I was close, and it took a few minutes to find the lock box too. But otherwise made it without incident.
I have walked there many time, but this was the first time I had arranged it to be a forced walk. And just thought I would share.

    • Thanks, and another.Peter Wells, Sun Aug 13 6:53am
      Thanks, it was a fun, if not cold walk. And I plan on doing it again when things align themselves correctly, only a little harder. More on that if it comes to pass. But I did do another short walk... more
    • WOW!!! Morgan.Jamissan, Sun Aug 13 1:31am
      Peter, you just don't know how exciting this sounds! (Or I guess you do, actually.) Self-forced nudity. Love it! I know that had to be a wonderful feeling. You actually got out there in the world and ... more
    • Exciting!cc, Sat Aug 12 8:34pm
      It sounds very real, very tense and VERY erotic!
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