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Woman complains when her boss tells her to wear a bra
Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:51am

Not just that she refused, but there's a precedent that has potential for an EUF situation: "She points to a 2005 case where the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal found discrimination on the basis of sex because a bar required female servers to wear a bikini top.
It's difficult to determine if requiring female workers to wear a bra would also be considered discrimination..."

I'm imagining if her employer mandated that "all female employees must wear a bra" and it didn't violate any human rights, and got approved, I can see someone being tricked into thinking the accepted uniform is ONLY a bra on top.

Link to article:

    • High heelsDormouse, Wed Sep 13 6:50am
      Not quite so drastic, but there was a case in the UK a couple of years ago in which a receptionist was sent home for not wearing high heels. She actually tried to get the law change, although this... more
      • Double StandardIndianOutlaw, Mon Sep 18 11:21am
        Men in business are required to wear a tie. I call that sexist as women are not. They can wear pants even, but can men wear skirts? I think not. On a serious note, a previous employer took flack when ... more
        • Double StandardT., Tue Sep 19 5:29pm
          What?!!? They can get away with just wearing black bars?!!? I am OUTRAGED!!! ;-)
        • TiesDormouse, Mon Sep 18 11:25am
          I wore a tie for work for so many years that now, even though I've retired, I feel uncomfortable not wearing a tie.
    • Real LifeIndianOutlaw, Mon Sep 11 11:31pm
      I have a friend who experienced the same situation. She was very well endowed and did not enjoy wearing a bra. Definitely not shy and not concerned about showing her assets she was eventually... more
      • Re: Real Lifetenyari, Thu Sep 14 10:00pm
        That almost looks like the fashion trend when I was a teenager and we all thought Madonna was cool.
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