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Mr. Mongo
Why some women should not wear a jumper
Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:05am

    • very funnyarchitya2000, Sun Sep 17 4:27am
      the video was hilarious. great find thanks
    • A Movie of yoreJB, Thu Sep 14 1:29am
      An Italian movie, that i remember from the eighties featured a guy who was getting crazy about exposing his wife. He had her dressed in a one piece outfit and she had to strip totally for the doctor... more
    • funny video, thanksdonnylaja, Mon Sep 11 11:14am
      "Jumper" meant (at least in the 80's) a one-piece outfit that you had to step out of. Similar to a "monkey suit" mechanics wore. My girlfriend at the time had a strapless terry cloth jumper and she... more
      • Re: JumpersDormouse, Wed Sep 13 6:45am
        OK, that meaning of jumper hasn't made it into any dictionary I've checked. (I'm fascinated by words.) All say it's American English for a pinafore dress. I do remember a conversation I had with an... more
    • Jumper?Dormouse, Mon Sep 11 6:31am
      It says "romper". Jumper confused me when I saw the heading to this post, as in the UK, a jumper is a top, a bit like a sweater, usually knitted. I am told that the UK term for what is called a... more
      • Re: Jumpers and rompersDormouse, Mon Sep 11 6:51am
        Wikipedia seems to agree. Jumper (US) is a sleeveless, collarless dress intended to be worn over a blouse, shirt or sweater. ) A romper suit, or just... more
        • Rompers - old school stylePhilMarlowe, Tue Sep 12 10:37pm
          Back in the 1960's these were then kind of gym class uniforms for girls at my high school. Most girls wore them a bit 'tighter' which we (the guys) enjoyed. In the late 60s, early 70s, more colorful, ... more
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