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Mr. Mongo
Why some women should not wear a jumper
Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:05am

    • I Attended a PartyYellow Fever, Sat Sep 23 2:47pm
      with my female Asian roommate. We were not intimate at that time. She wanted to tell some office gossip that she learned at the party so she pulled my into an empty bathroom. She was wearing a... more
    • very funnyarchitya2000, Sun Sep 17 4:27am
      the video was hilarious. great find thanks
    • A Movie of yoreJB, Thu Sep 14 1:29am
      An Italian movie, that i remember from the eighties featured a guy who was getting crazy about exposing his wife. He had her dressed in a one piece outfit and she had to strip totally for the doctor... more
    • funny video, thanksdonnylaja, Mon Sep 11 11:14am
      "Jumper" meant (at least in the 80's) a one-piece outfit that you had to step out of. Similar to a "monkey suit" mechanics wore. My girlfriend at the time had a strapless terry cloth jumper and she... more
      • Re: JumpersDormouse, Wed Sep 13 6:45am
        OK, that meaning of jumper hasn't made it into any dictionary I've checked. (I'm fascinated by words.) All say it's American English for a pinafore dress. I do remember a conversation I had with an... more
    • Jumper?Dormouse, Mon Sep 11 6:31am
      It says "romper". Jumper confused me when I saw the heading to this post, as in the UK, a jumper is a top, a bit like a sweater, usually knitted. I am told that the UK term for what is called a... more
      • Re: Jumpers and rompersDormouse, Mon Sep 11 6:51am
        Wikipedia seems to agree. Jumper (US) is a sleeveless, collarless dress intended to be worn over a blouse, shirt or sweater. ) A romper suit, or just... more
        • Rompers - old school stylePhilMarlowe, Tue Sep 12 10:37pm
          Back in the 1960's these were then kind of gym class uniforms for girls at my high school. Most girls wore them a bit 'tighter' which we (the guys) enjoyed. In the late 60s, early 70s, more colorful, ... more
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