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Cartoon Joe Help
Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:19pm


If you are still about, can you give me another breakdown of the characters you created. I have a small story idea but have lost my notes on your various characters. My goal is to include as many of them as you have.


    • Who's who at Harrington HighWilliam J. Griffin, Thu Sep 14 6:51pm
      IO, here is a partial list: Miss Jessica Truth: a demure high school English teacher with an unfortunate penchant for unintentional immodesty (i.e.continually losing her clothes in public)....this... more
      • Don't forget...funguy409, Sat Sep 16 2:49pm
        • "Goldie"?William J. Griffin, Sun Sep 17 3:27pm
          Do you mean Miss Sweet Thang? I don't have a character named "Goldie".
          • oopsfunguy409, Tue Sep 19 2:46pm
            I meant "Blondie"
            • ahhh yesfunguy409, Thu Sep 21 2:53pm
              Miss Sweet Thang. Maybe it was just one of the other characters calling her Blondie. Always good to see someone so snooty getting a well deserved comeuppance.
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