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Mr. Mongo
I was reminded of real life ENF event
Sun Oct 8, 2017 5:48am

When I was growing up my family owned two duplexes. We lived downstairs and rented up the upstairs apartment of one of the buildings. Our renters were a very loud mother and teenage daughter who were always fighting over the bathroom. One day we heard them screaming in the hallway.

I was about twelve at the time. We came out of our apartment to tell them to take it up stairs. When we entered the hallway we saw the mother was only in a towel and the daughter was in a bathrobe. My dad was yelling at them to get some common sense when they went at it.

The mother's towel dropped exposing her naked body and the daughter was keeping them her from picking up the towel. My mother was yelling for my dad to break it up and my dad wasn't having anything to do with it. The mother reached out and grabbed her daughter to throw her down the stairs. The daughter slid down the stairs on her ass exposing her naked body from the waist down. I'd have to say both mother daughter had matching bushes.

My mom ran back into the apartment to call the police. Both women were now trying to push each other out of the apartment into the front lawn. The daughter's robe was now open and she was too busy trying to push her mother outside. When the cop showed up the mother and daughter were blocking the door, so my dad yelled. "Side door! Side door!" the cop ran to the side door and got behind the two battling women.

The cop grabbed the daughter putting her onto her belly. When the cop was cuffing the daughter the mother just stood there screaming insults at her daughter being cuffed. Once the daughter was cuffed the cop jumped up and cuffed the mother. Now both women were cussing and kicking at the cop. The cop grabbed mother and daughter by an arm and walked them outside. He did nothing to tie up the daughter's robe or let the mother wrap herself in her towel.

Neighbors who walked down to see what the yelling was about got to see mother and daughter dragged out of duplex. Neither woman seemed to care. They were to busy talking shit to the cop dragging them to the squad car. The cop put the mother in his car and held the daughter against his squad car until another cop showed up to put the daughter in his squad car.

When both women showed back up six hours later the mother had a hospital gown on and daughter at least this time had her bathrobe tied shut.

    • Re: I was reminded of real life ENF event ToddCheese, Mon Oct 9 9:04pm
      This story made me a bit sad because it took place before there were smartphones. :D
      • I was reminded of a real life ENF eventT., Tue Oct 10 6:28pm
        I hesitated to put it on here due to it involving my two eldest daughters. The younger was, I guess late twenties then, with a young daughter, and the elder was in her early thirties I would guess,... more
      • re cheesecarlos, Tue Oct 10 12:32am
        now now you know if there were phones the cops would be sued by the women for some sexual act and loose there job LOL.
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