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ASSTR down again
Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:55pm

It was not up Friday, not up today. Try to connect, times out. Ping times out. I have no other info on the situation.

    • Site is up and runningHooked6, Tue Nov 14 7:14pm
      and all appears as it was.
    • Something weird is going on this timenudeworldorder, Mon Nov 13 4:11am
      It's not actually the web server that's down, it looks suspiciously like the domain has been suspended. Good news, that means it's still accessible with a little trick. Add this to your hosts file... more
      • WellJake Ells, Tue Nov 14 1:30am
        Well I may be in the minority here and I don't mean to offend anyone but good riddance. Asstr had some nasty at best and do wright sick (like nauseatingly ...ed up) content. I love erotica but for me ... more
        • I agree and disagreenudeworldorder, Tue Nov 14 12:31pm
          I agree that they have some nauseatingly F'd up content, but I disagree that it's a problem. I doubt anyone likes everything on that site (and if someone does I kind of hope I never meet them) but... more
        • true, but . . .donnylaja, Tue Nov 14 8:28am
          There is a lot of inappropriate stuff on asstr. But as to the rest, asstr is important for archival purposes. I've posted all my stories there and they don't reject stuff for trivial/incorrect... more
          • Re: true, but . . .tenyari, Thu Nov 16 3:13am
            ASSTR is kind of a complex issue. On the one hand it's the only place you can put up work and be sure someone won't bury, block, or even just forget to approve it. On the other hand as a result a LOT ... more
      • Re: Something weird is going on this timemajorwrll, Tue Nov 14 12:46am
        I just hope they fix everything soon. Some of my favorite authors can't post new content.
      • re: Something weird is going on this timecarlos, Mon Nov 13 6:51am
        If it is a domain name transfer then they might have messed up on there end if you know of other sites that were part of the transfer go to those see if there up. Who knows maybe they half to... more
        • Eh, what?nudeworldorder, Mon Nov 13 1:37pm
          ASSTR doesn't have thousands of sites. Why would you think that? The most current information I have is that Google "took their domain offline a few days ago without so much as an email letting them... more
          • Re: Eh, what?Midnightdream, Mon Nov 13 9:24pm
            Well it seem to be back online now. It would sucks if they really lost the name but it wouldn't be that big a deal. Personally I think what matters is the decades of content, not the name of the... more
    • Nothing new just waitcarlos, Sun Nov 12 6:29pm
      That site has been going off and on for years. 2004: 2017... more
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