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ASSTR: No new authors can sign up
Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:49pm

I've been wanting to contribute to ASSTR for quite some time, but the link for new authors to sign-up has been inoperative for months. As per this latest outage and recovery, it still is.

Here's the page with the link. It's at the bottom. It says: "Proceed to application for account."

Apparently no new authors have been able to get an account for over half a year now, due to this broken link. Is there some way around this, I wonder? Does anyone have any ideas about how an author might sign up, or in some other way contribute to ASSTR?

    • I don't know muchnudeworldorder, Wed Nov 15 8:33pm
      All I'm sure of is that they've had serious technical problems for a while but they say they're working on it. And it HAS actually gotten better, the search engine was broken for probably over a... more
      • ThanksMorgan.Jamissan, Thu Nov 16 4:36pm
        Thanks. BTW: NWO... One of the coolest screen names on the board!
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