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looking for two stories
Sat Dec 2, 2017 11:54am

1) two girls want to join a sorority but only one can enter. will play a game of tests and which will take most of the points will win and one should be shaved (pussy) every day and some will have to confirm it and every one hour to masturbate without going into an orgasm otherwise it would be punished...

2)a busty girl goes undercover to find her friend who goes missing i thing she was fbi agent and After her search, she finds herself at a beach shop and asks the owner if you see her and he says yes and shows who she watched and convinces her what to wear to come closer to him and he wants to put on a lot of sexy clothes and swimsuit

sorry i don't remeber much..

    • Re: looking for two storieshm, Mon Dec 4 8:27pm
      The first sounds like The game by flapadict /C Maxwell... Check it out here:
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