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"Ned" stories
Mon Dec 4, 2017 3:51pm

I saw a reference to the "Ned" stories, in a context that included the "Ted" stories, "James" stories, and "Shelly the Sports Reporter" stories. The others I know, but what are these "Ned" stories? Where can one find them? Who wrote them? Thanks for any information.

    • Re: "Ned" storiesiionly, Tue Dec 5 3:19pm
      The "Ned" stories were written by an author named "DeinFreundin" (her orginal name when she showed up here at the forum as the intended pen name "Deine Freundin" apparently had been too long to be... more
      • Anna (DieneFreundin) UpdateHooked6, Tue Dec 5 7:34pm
        Just to update those who are interested. My dear Friend, Anna (Aka Diene Freundin) finally got married to a really good man and he is the love of her life and treats her like royalty. She has known... more
      • Thanks.gocarty, Tue Dec 5 4:56pm
        Thanks for the information. I remember deine Freundin from her earlier posts on this site, and interacted with her a time or two. I'm also sorry she hasn't been around recently.
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