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Mr. Mongo
Naked Sci-Fi
Mon Jan 8, 2018 3:29am

I have feeling to get back into writing ENF fiction, but I want to write something ENF/ENM sci-fi related where humans from earth set out to colonize a near by solar system. It would take too long to travel to the near by solar system, so everyone has to go into cryo sleep completely naked. When they arrive to their destination the colonists will be released to take up roles as colonists on a new strange xeno world.

Would the readers here be interested in sci-fi related enf/enm?

    • Jenny story.Peter Wells, Thu Jan 11 5:31am
      Wasn't there a Jenny story on this board years ago, of her trapped in a time machine that wouldn't let her jump from time to time unless she was completely naked? I think it was this site, and that... more
      • SpoofIndianOutlaw, Thu Jan 11 10:52am
        It was a spoof of an old tv show called the "Time Tunnel." The heroine had to strip in order for the people controlling the lab could teleport her to another time. I sadly do not remember the author... more
        • thanksPeter Wells, Sat Jan 13 5:16am
          Yes, that was it. And it was funny, like most Jenny stories are.
    • Idea for SF story.Peter Wells, Thu Jan 11 5:29am
      How about one where some explorers land on a planet where there was once an ancient race, that has long died out. But, unknown to the explorers, while the race was dead, a lot of its technology... more
    • Naked sci-fi is greatAnonymous, Wed Jan 10 4:41am
      I've read a couple of good nude sci-fi stories in the past. One where a planet goes nudist and no clothing is allowed on the surface. And another about a... more
    • Yes me tooAnonymous, Tue Jan 9 3:46pm
      Sci-Fi and ENF. A perfect combination. ;-)
    • YesMidnightdream, Mon Jan 8 11:00pm
      Sure go ahead! There is not enough enf SF. I know. I looked! :)
    • Re: Naked Sci-FiAnonymous, Mon Jan 8 1:38pm
      Good storyline. The travel could be so long that the clothing deteriorates on the journey. Perhaps one moth stowaway that laid eggs. Sometimes a reason, even if not a totally legitimate one, is... more
      • Re: Naked Sci-FiMr. Mongo, Mon Jan 8 5:24pm
        That is what I was thinking about the clothing. There will a;so be android minders that wont let them make new clothing while the technicians are still frozen in cryo sleep.
    • Go aheadCasanova, Mon Jan 8 1:20pm
      People will accept any theme as long as there is nudity
    • Re: SFDormouse, Mon Jan 8 6:14am
      I've been an SF fan probably before I even noticed naked women (and I've always preferred the SF abbreviation to Sci-fi, which true SF fans dislike). I've written several stories with an SF or... more
      • In that vein.Not A ID, Mon Jan 8 11:48pm
        It is possible to venture down paths other authors have explored only here on earth. Have the insects infect the colonists with something that makes wearing clothes unpleasant for their victims. It... more
        • Re: In that veinDormouse, Tue Jan 9 5:56am
          Indeed, there are many SF story ideas that could be explored. Someone once said that in SF, there are no new ideas, just new treatments of old ideas. I remember once reading a story about... more
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