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Completely nude TV Show
Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:23am

Just learned about a new French TV show called "Nu" airing in spring on a French channel called OCS. The premise of the show is in order to prevent terrorism everyone must be naked so they can't hide weapons or bombs. The main character wakes up from a coma to find the world like this. I'm sure everyone here can appreciate this shows potential.

    • Re: tv showcarlos, Wed Jan 10 8:27am
      Wonder if there will be english subs? good idea but in reality it wouldn't work overseas the they used a certain spot in a young women were pat downs wouldn't work and it was inappropriate to... more
      • There is a capacity issue there. ;)Not A ID, Wed Jan 10 10:03am
        And it isn't just the vaginal opening. Drug runners have been known to "store" things in their colon(up their a--), or to simply swallow things in whole or in part prior to going though screenings in ... more
    • Olivier FoxDormouse, Wed Jan 10 6:24am
      Just looked it up on the IMDb and I see it's written by someone called Olivier Fox who has also written for the show Spiral, which is shown on British TV. We live in hope.
    • Sounds funDormouse, Wed Jan 10 6:20am
      Wonder if it'll be available online or on DVD. There's a Robert Heinlein story I remember reading as a teenager called The Puppet Masters. In that, Earth is invaded by slug like aliens that can... more
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