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Pervets are still Out there - Buttless Jeans
Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:26pm

Tell me some perverted individual did not dream this up...

How is this really different than assless chaps?

Just saying..


    • similar in conceptvisitor, Sun Jan 14 6:36pm
      Back in the 80's there was movie that featured women's jeans with clear plastic showing their asses: Too bad it was just a movie.... more
      • I remember that filmDormouse, Wed Jan 17 6:51am
        Never saw it, but I remember reading about it and how bad the reviews were. I did mention last summer about the distressed jeans fad that seems to have escalated over the last couple of years. I... more
    • Re:carlos, Fri Jan 12 5:41am
      Reminded me of jeggings
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