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High School Nude Punishment
Thu Feb 8, 2018 5:44am

Story here:

"A former teacher at The Lawrenceville School is accused of punishing students by forcing them to do push-ups and other exercises naked while he watched, according to the school."

What it might have looked like.

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In our stories it's usually jumping jacks ;-).

    • Naked GymDormouse, Thu Feb 8 6:25am
      Although, was it an all boy school? That seems to be the suggestion from the story. (I note it was a private school.) There was a clip circulating a few years ago of a German film called The Wicked... more
      • Was it a co-ed school?zappedfan, Thu Feb 8 7:17am
        The journalist leaves that to our imagination. Even if only boys were punished this way Maybe the girls were allowed to watch. So many questions.
        • Googled itDormouse, Thu Feb 8 7:44am
          It is co-ed, but it does seem to have been boys punished by the teacher, in private:
          • So, There WERE Naked Jumping Jacks!Zappedfan , Thu Feb 8 11:52am
            Boys or Girls put on the best show doing naked jumping jacks. Push ups are okay for ogling butts, I guess. Touching toes would be better. I wonder if the man secretly videotaped the boys.
        • Re: was it co-edDormouse, Thu Feb 8 7:34am
          The mention of Gay News suggested to me that it boys. In the UK, private schools (often called public schools, just to confuse you) are usually single sex schools, and traditionally a hotbed of... more
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