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Altered Carbon
Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:12am

Interview with Dichen Lachman, who had to perform a nude fight scene and had to basically walk around naked for 4 days shooting it.

    • InterestingDormouse, Sat Feb 10 6:47am
      I've been a fan of Lachman since Dollhouse, but I don't have Netflix. (There's too much stuff I want to see on my current set-up, I don't want any more.)
      • Here's the linkAnonymous, Mon Feb 12 8:58pm
        Here's the link to the nude fight scene
        • Re: Here's the linkDormouse, Tue Feb 13 5:58am
          I think I'd prefer half a dozen naked Dichen Lachenmans without the violence.
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