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Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars)
Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:47pm

Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars fame apparently promised a friend that if she reached 3 million subscribers on YouTube she would run the streets of LA naked. Her friend called her out on it and she jumped right into action.... wearing only a costume unicorn head to protect her identity and a pair of panties. Her friend recorded it for all to see and Shay posted it online..... enjoy!

    • words mean thingsbase, Mon Feb 12 1:16pm
      Naked - no clothes. Topless - no clothes worn above the waist. Panties are clothing. They are worn below the waist. She ran in the street topless, not naked. When words fail to have meaning, we can... more
      • Are we being too literal??IndianOutlaw, Fri Feb 16 12:58am
        Or is it figuratively??? Words have meaning, but running the streets of LA naked is a crime but topless is still a grey area. This is nothing more than a self created publicity stunt. No one has... more
        • figurativelybase, Sun Feb 25 12:15pm
          Are we in the Victorian era where a flash of ankle flesh is considered immodest? As authors here, we should respect words. "Once upon a time, Lily ran naked all the way home. When Lily finally got... more
        • With all due respect...Shark, Sun Feb 18 4:38pm
          With all due respect IO, Shay Mitchell is not someone who has to do this as a publicity stunt and just because you haven't heard of her doesn't mean the rest of the world is out of the loop. She... more
        • Re: Are we being too literal??DW, Sat Feb 17 9:36pm
          You should give her some credit. She wasn't just topless, she was wearing panties not shorts or bikini bottoms. I think that still took a lot of guts to do.
          • creditbase, Sun Feb 25 12:24pm
            I can give her credit for going topless, but not naked as she promised. Should a waiter give you credit for paying half your bill? I think the waiter will want you to pay the full bill before... more
      • Bravo Base!Hooked6, Tue Feb 13 4:28pm
        One of my pet peeves is when people get reckless and misuse words intentionally either to mislead or merely just to create excitement or sensationalism. Clearly she wasn't "naked." WORDS DO HAVE... more
      • Well said base! (nm)BPClavel, Tue Feb 13 12:24am
    • Funny stuff! A shame she blurred out her breasts though. (nm)Jethro Q. Walrustitty, Sat Feb 10 7:16pm
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