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Naked Toy Story
Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:46am

An idea struck me last night. My friend has a 5 year old daughter that kinda leaves her Barbie dolls naked around the house. Then I imagined a scenario in the movie Toy Story where every time Andy leaves the room and the toys come to life, Little Bo Peep is always left completely naked and covering up.

I dunno.. just a thought...

    • Re: Naked Toy Storyzappedfan, Fri Apr 13 5:08pm
      Yep, Andy's growing up.
      • molded panties?base, Sat Apr 14 7:52pm
        When did they start molding Barbie with panties? Do they also mold a bra these days?
    • LOLTHM2, Tue Apr 10 8:33pm
      What an amazing idea. In the actual lore I believe Bo Peep is actually made of glass, and might be a novelty lamp piece, but literally no one knows or cares, so go for it. XD Barbie herself is of... more
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