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lost story
Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:20pm

Thete was a story about friends getting together for a D&D game and the one female slowly got naked through the night. Can anyone give me the title please?

    • lost storyschwanmanjim, Mon Apr 16 12:47am
      No. It's a girl her boyfriend, two other guy friends. Gamemaster is George(?). Boyfriend asks gamemaster if it's ok for girl to get naked during next game. She slowly disrobed through the night. Even ... more
      • found itschwanmanjim, Mon Apr 16 12:50am;article=46032;title=The%20ASN%20Story%20Board
        • Other chaptersDW, Thu Apr 19 9:36pm
          Hi, I wanted to say thank you for reposting this story. Is there any chance you can post the rest of the chapters. I know there is a lot more to it and would love to read it again. Thanks, DW
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