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Sun Jul 8, 2018 4:01am

Hello everyone. I have a request. Does someone know a movie where female character is naked all the times (something like Tami Smithers stories)? I did a research but found nothing. Sorry for my poor english and thank you :)

    • Here are some good filmsjalixm, Fri Jul 20 5:21pm
      Antje Moenning in “Engel mit Schmutizgen Flugeln” - German movie where main character discovers her love of exhibitionism Caroline Laurence in “Sweet Movie” Lina Romay in a bunch of movies Pretty... more
    • Here's another list. Haven't seen them all. 10 Actresses Who Are Usually Naked For The Entire Movie
    • Maslin BeachNightguy, Mon Jul 16 5:26pm
      A movie set at the real Maslin Beach in Australia, the largest nude beach in the country. Most of the cast is nude at some point, and many dont wear clothes for their entire on screen time.
    • Try this one.....EvilWeevil, Fri Jul 13 11:53am
      Naked Fear (2007)
    • Gilda TexterDormouse, Fri Jul 13 4:48am
      I might also mention Gilda Texter. She doesn't have much screen time in the 1971 cult classic Vanishing Point, where she rides a motorbike naked. (It's a long time since I've seen the film, but I... more
    • Re: RequestAnonymous, Fri Jul 13 3:27am
      Not Another Teenage movie: Cerina Vincent plays Areola, a foreign exchange student who is always naked, albeit a minor role in the movie. not quite what you are looking for, but here's some help:... more
    • Other MoviesJethro Q. Walrustitty, Fri Jul 13 2:03am
      In "Castaway"(1986) - Amanda Donahoe spends much of the movie naked on a tropical island. And if you're looking for something more artistic there is "La Belle Noiseuse" in which Emmanuelle Béart... more
    • Helen MirrenMagnus, Tue Jul 10 9:30pm
      I believe she was naked for nearly the entire movie of "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover", running around the mansion.
      • ReL The Cook...Dormouse, Wed Jul 11 7:13am
        Not really. It's been a while since I saw that film - I was a big Peter Greenaway fan in the day - and it's only about the last half hour or so, I think. Not a film for people with weak stomachs.
      • Cerina VincentMagnus, Tue Jul 10 9:33pm
        Just cameos throughout "Not Another Teen Movie", but her character is naked the entire film - played for laughs. Also, see this list:
        • Re: IMDb listDormouse, Wed Jul 11 7:29am
          Seeing a film with Rutger Hauer on that list reminded me of a film I saw on German TV maybe twenty years ago. Looking at the IMDb list for Hauer, it must be Es begann bei Tiffany. I don't speak... more
    • Re: RequestRSC, Tue Jul 10 1:40pm
      Lifeforce is the classic example.
      • LifeforceAnonymous, Thu Jul 12 9:20pm
        The nudity in Lifeforce is very different than in the Tami stories. Though Mathilda May is naked almost the entire film, she plays an alien who seems hardly aware that she's naked.
    • seriouslydonnylaja, Mon Jul 9 1:17pm
      What if there was a serious movie made where the main character was nude the entire time -- with good production values and a decent actress? With our current level of cultural maturity it wouldn't... more
      • GolasyDormouse, Tue Jul 10 6:15am
        I did mention recently on the other board the Polish film Golasy (The Naked) which is set in an office. The whole cast of that are naked for the entire film - and it's never commented upon. Even the... more
      • Re: seriouslyTFK, Mon Jul 9 3:52pm
        Hey donnylaja ;) I have to ask you, will you write a new stories about Tami? It will be nice to see a contituation of her adventures ;)
    • Re: request tech.mann, Mon Jul 9 6:26am
      Amanda Donohoe in Castaway (1986) is naked in most of the movie. Once she gets naked, she doesn't get dressed again.
    • Women of Cell Block 9Fallen, Mon Jul 9 4:39am
      How about "The Women of Cell Block 9". The main character is dressed for maybe the first 5 minutes, and spends the rest of the movie stark naked (one of those women-in-prison type movies). They... more
    • La fonte des neigesFallen, Sun Jul 8 11:33pm
      There was a French movie called La fonte des neiges which takes place at a nudist colony. The main actress is nude for the entire thing (although in one scene she wears a scarf). I guess that doesn't ... more
      • Re: La fonte des neigesTFK, Mon Jul 9 12:11am
        Thanks, but in this movie she is naked along with group of nudists. I looking a movie similar to Tami Smithers stories (young woman living stark naked all the times and anyone else is clothed)
    • La Venus a LuluDormouse, Sun Jul 8 10:59am
      There is the French made-for-TV film La Venus a Lulu which is about a Finnish naturist who goes sleepwalking whilst on holiday in the south of France. (She is sleeping in a caravan and her husband... more
      • Re: La Venus a LuluTFK, Sun Jul 8 11:29pm
        Thanks but i feel dissapointed because it's only one title...
        • Re: La Venus a LuluAnonymous, Sun Jul 8 11:36pm
          By the way I discovered something close to Tami Smithers's genre. It's Jenny Hval's The Great Undressing. But it's only a music video, not a movie :(
          • Re: The Great UndressingDormouse, Mon Jul 9 6:13am
            And the woman in that seems to be a lot more comfortable than Tami.
            • Re: The Great UndressingAnonymous, Thu Jul 12 9:24pm
              She's more like Tami as in Tami Beethoven where, after being naked for nearly four years, she's no longer ashamed of her nudity and is almost casual about it.
    • Re: RequestAnonymous, Sun Jul 8 4:10am
      And one more thing ;) Could you post the links to the stories which is similar to Tami Smithers genre? Thanks one more time :)
      • Naked New GirlFallen, Mon Jul 9 12:17pm;article=47676
      • The Rent!HenryG, Mon Jul 9 7:14am
        Ok close but not the same is "The Rent". Here is the link to the first part of the story. Then there is "The Surprise Assembly"... more
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