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It could work
Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:31am

Depends what you do with it. Two things immediately come to mind. One, the story could focus on what stripped them. Two, how do the women react. Do they panic, do they try and stay calm and try and get help, or do they, even, pretend as if nothing has happened and go?

I've always said with naked women, the more there are the more interesting it is.

I'm sure if six authors here tried to write a story from that scenario, you'd get ten different ways to continue.

  • Enf scenariotopgearfan1422, Mon Jul 16 12:48pm
    I have an idea for a enf scenario and was wandering what people thought. A woman goes to the cinema to see a movie she is very excited about, the movie has proven popular with women so the entire... more
    • Could be interestingAnonymous, Fri Aug 3 8:07pm
      Would love to see someone do something with this it sounds like it could be very interesting.
    • IdeaAnonymous, Thu Jul 26 10:51am
      What if the women were hypnotized and then stripped. So for example the movie starts and the lights go off, the movie gets interesting and unkown to the women watching they are being hypnotized to... more
    • I like this scenario!The Old Maestro, Wed Jul 25 1:27pm
      It is ripe with possibilities: 1) Perhaps the theater itself has been rigged to remove women's clothing during engrossing scenes. I love Mad Scientist stories, especially when they turn their genius... more
    • Re: Enf scenariobase, Tue Jul 17 5:54pm
      I'd approach this a bit different. Much like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the audience is a cult following where the women in the audience all strip when the show has a strip club musical scene.... more
      • Stripping audienceDormouse, Thu Jul 19 4:23am
        There's a Brazilian theatre group - Teatro Oficina - that last year did a show where members of the audience are invited into the acting area for an extended naked dance sequence, with the cast... more
    • It could work — Dormouse, Tue Jul 17 6:31am
      • Story Contest?THM2, Wed Jul 18 12:04am
        Those variations would be real good.
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