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William J. Griffin
Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:27pm

    • You Sir Are AmazingIndianOutlaw, Thu Jul 26 11:40am
      Can we start a GoFundMe page to just keep you in a room drawing Ms. Truth cartoons all day? With live figure models for support, of course.... Just curious, who would you cast in the Ms. Truth... more
      • Thank you...William J. Griffin, Thu Jul 26 8:58pm
        ...For the kind words, IO. I'm pleased you enjoyed these old strips! I kinda like the GoFundMe idea, unfortunately that will have to sit on the back burner until I get my dexterity back (if ever...). ... more
        • Who would I cast as Miss Truth?William J. Griffin, Fri Jul 27 10:40am
          Who would I cast to play Miss Truth? 1. Ashley Kash: 2. Melissa Ford: Or Nyomie Banxxx? What do you think?
          • What about...IndianOutlaw, Mon Jul 30 10:58pm
            DaNessha? Miss Thing? Miss Priss? I vote Steve Harvey for the Principal and whoever played Urkel for Deon. IO
            • Miss PerriwinkleWilliam Griffin, Tue Jul 31 11:44am
              Winny Munoz...if she can affect a British accent, w've got our Miss Perriwinkle:
            • Additional CastWilliam J. Griffin, Tue Jul 31 9:06am
              I hadn't really thought about it, but I'd think that DaNeesha, Deion, and the other kids would probably have to be played by twenty-something unknowns (given the series adult subject matter). Mr.... more
              • Michaela Coelwilhrose, Fri Aug 3 5:30pm
                The British actress Michaela Coel would, I think, be a reasonably good fit for Miss Perriwinkle.
                • Re: Michaela CoelWilliam Griffin, Fri Aug 3 9:31pm
                  Here she is... What do you think?
          • Makosi Musambasiwilhrose, Mon Jul 30 8:22pm
            All wonderful choices from Mr Griffin. I'll add a suggestion of former reality TV star, Makosi Musambasi, whose qualifications are abundantly clear in search engines, and who is now about the right... more
            • Re: Makosi MusambasiWilliam J. Griffin, Mon Jul 30 9:54pm
     may have a point there,wilhrose...
              • but is she a churchgoer?donnylaja, Mon Jul 30 10:29pm
                Like Jessica Truth is . . . who is a religious modest girl and is actually embarrassed when she loses her clothes? That's why I suggested Thelma Frye. And don't be dense. I'm not talking about Ms.... more
                • Zombie Marilyn?!William J. Griffin, Tue Jul 31 8:38am
                  She's an actor...she's just playing a churchgoing pseudo-nudist!😉
          • Thelma Frye from “Amen” (nm)donnylaja, Fri Jul 27 12:33pm
            • Uh...NO.William J. Griffin, Fri Jul 27 2:36pm
              Maybe back in 1985, maybe...
              • you know what I meandonnylaja, Fri Jul 27 3:31pm
                She was "built" like Jessica is, and she was a headstrong virtuous Christian girl who kept getting into . . . unexpected situations.
                • Anna Maria HorsfordWilliam J. Griffin, Fri Jul 27 7:39pm
                  You *do* know she's in her SEVENTIES, now, right? I envision Jessica Truth as a considerably younger woman (thirty-ish). However, Ms Horsford could play her sexy mother...
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