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You Sir Are Amazing
Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:40am

Can we start a GoFundMe page to just keep you in a room drawing Ms. Truth cartoons all day? With live figure models for support, of course....

Just curious, who would you cast in the Ms. Truth blockbuster movie?

Thanks for all you do,

  • NAUGHTY COMIX #2William J. Griffin, Wed Jul 25 11:27pm
    For those of you who are interested...
    • You Sir Are Amazing — IndianOutlaw, Thu Jul 26 11:40am
      • Thank you...William J. Griffin, Thu Jul 26 8:58pm
        ...For the kind words, IO. I'm pleased you enjoyed these old strips! I kinda like the GoFundMe idea, unfortunately that will have to sit on the back burner until I get my dexterity back (if ever...). ... more
        • Who would I cast as Miss Truth?William J. Griffin, Fri Jul 27 10:40am
          Who would I cast to play Miss Truth? 1. Ashley Kash: 2. Melissa Ford: Or Nyomie Banxxx? What do you think?
          • What about...IndianOutlaw, Mon Jul 30 10:58pm
            DaNessha? Miss Thing? Miss Priss? I vote Steve Harvey for the Principal and whoever played Urkel for Deon. IO
            • Miss PerriwinkleWilliam Griffin, Tue Jul 31 11:44am
              Winny Munoz...if she can affect a British accent, w've got our Miss Perriwinkle:
            • Additional CastWilliam J. Griffin, Tue Jul 31 9:06am
              I hadn't really thought about it, but I'd think that DaNeesha, Deion, and the other kids would probably have to be played by twenty-something unknowns (given the series adult subject matter). Mr.... more
              • Michaela Coelwilhrose, Fri Aug 3 5:30pm
                The British actress Michaela Coel would, I think, be a reasonably good fit for Miss Perriwinkle.
                • Re: Michaela CoelWilliam Griffin, Fri Aug 3 9:31pm
                  Here she is... What do you think?
          • Makosi Musambasiwilhrose, Mon Jul 30 8:22pm
            All wonderful choices from Mr Griffin. I'll add a suggestion of former reality TV star, Makosi Musambasi, whose qualifications are abundantly clear in search engines, and who is now about the right... more
            • Re: Makosi MusambasiWilliam J. Griffin, Mon Jul 30 9:54pm
     may have a point there,wilhrose...
              • but is she a churchgoer?donnylaja, Mon Jul 30 10:29pm
                Like Jessica Truth is . . . who is a religious modest girl and is actually embarrassed when she loses her clothes? That's why I suggested Thelma Frye. And don't be dense. I'm not talking about Ms.... more
                • Zombie Marilyn?!William J. Griffin, Tue Jul 31 8:38am
                  She's an actor...she's just playing a churchgoing pseudo-nudist!😉
          • Thelma Frye from “Amen” (nm)donnylaja, Fri Jul 27 12:33pm
            • Uh...NO.William J. Griffin, Fri Jul 27 2:36pm
              Maybe back in 1985, maybe...
              • you know what I meandonnylaja, Fri Jul 27 3:31pm
                She was "built" like Jessica is, and she was a headstrong virtuous Christian girl who kept getting into . . . unexpected situations.
                • Anna Maria HorsfordWilliam J. Griffin, Fri Jul 27 7:39pm
                  You *do* know she's in her SEVENTIES, now, right? I envision Jessica Truth as a considerably younger woman (thirty-ish). However, Ms Horsford could play her sexy mother...
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