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but is she a churchgoer?
Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:29pm

Like Jessica Truth is . . . who is a religious modest girl and is actually embarrassed when she loses her clothes?

That's why I suggested Thelma Frye. And don't be dense. I'm not talking about Ms. Horsford as she is today, any more than you would assume that by suggesting "Marilyn Monroe" I mean digging up the skeletal remains of someone who's been dead for 55 years. . .

  • Re: Makosi MusambasiWilliam J. Griffin, Mon Jul 30 9:54pm may have a point there,wilhrose...
    • but is she a churchgoer? — donnylaja, Mon Jul 30 10:29pm
      • Zombie Marilyn?!William J. Griffin, Tue Jul 31 8:38am
        She's an actor...she's just playing a churchgoing pseudo-nudist!😉
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IO's Discussion Board