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asstr going down
Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:48pm

In case you were wondering, a message has been posted about the sad state of ASSTR:

A Message from ASSTR
on: July 09, 2018, 12:02:05 AM
From Rey del Sexo
20 Jun 2018
{ASSD} ASSM and ASSTR Status Update (or lack thereof) - 2018-06-20

I sincerely apologize for us letting everyone down with respect to the
site's condition. A myriad factors have led to this point, primarily
lack of time and ever-increasing concern with respect to the legal
liability of running a site that allows third parties to post whatever
they want. This "whatever they want" isn't limited to just stories,
incidentally; the ability to post one's own web site essentially opens
up endless possibilities that we do not have the time to monitor and
manage. We have discussed transitioning the site to a model like other
web sites use, where only text can be posted, but we have no time to
enact such a change. Additionally, relevant laws seem to be constantly
changing these days, and generally they're making it worse for website
operators (increased liability for the actions of their users).

We enjoyed making the site available to the masses and are incredibly
grateful to the uncountable contributors (both financially and the
authors who posted their stories) over the years. For now we have no
plans to shut the site down; we have a contract with our ISP for several
more years, I believe, so if nothing else it would be a waste of money
to shut it down without getting our donors' money's worth.

Of all the failures this past year, I apologize to all of you the most
for letting ASSM go unmoderated this past year. I know this was our
responsibility, and we have completely and inexcusably failed. When our
primary server crashed last summer, I always thought the proposal by our
tech admin to rewrite almost all of the site's software was preposterous
given that we each have at most a few minutes per month to attend to the
site these days, but he was adamant that we take the site into the 21st
century due to security and other technological concerns. This would
have made plenty of sense had we had the time to pull off the
[monumental] job [which we spent many years doing the first time], but
it is now obvious to me (and likely all of you) that this goal was
completely unrealistic.

With respect to all of the people who have volunteered to help out, I
appreciate it. Perhaps I am overly paranoid, but it is difficult to
trust a complete stranger by giving shell access to servers for which we
are responsible. I also have no time to try to manage a group of
volunteers, however enthusiastic. These two issues combined (lack of
trust and inability to oversee/manage due to lack of time) mean it is
all but impossible for us to accept outside help, as essential as it may be.

I am happy to see someone else (VeryWellAged) attempting to take the
mantle and run with it; I wish him/her/them all the very best.

I will endeavor to read and reply to any replies to this message, but as
usual I cannot guarantee a timely response.

Best wishes to all of you,

Rey del Sexo

    • CCCbase, Tue Aug 21 2:52pm
      Thanks. As a safety measure, I've archived Richard Hertz's original Campus Code of Conduct stories that were on over to the site he started.
      • Archivenudeworldorder, Thu Aug 23 1:06am
        Not that there's anything wrong with archiving favorite stories/authors indevidually, but FYI there's also an archive of the whole site as of May last year. Since that's about how like it's been... more
    • thanksdonnylaja, Tue Aug 14 10:06pm
      I'll try to save as much as possible on my own computer. So many 1990's stories inspired me from asstr. Stacy's Senior Year the Parker stories Brooke's Embarrassing Exam Female Anatomy Class Wren... more
      • In some respects....Not A ID, Wed Aug 15 2:41pm is probably something of a spiritual successor to ASSTR. In many respects, it's engine probably could do everything ASSM seeks to do.I Their missions are very comparable... more
        • Re: In some respects....iionly, Wed Aug 15 3:07pm
          I guess you mean . As I read the announcement, the ASSTR servers won't get shut down in the foreseeable future (as they already paid hosting for a few years in advance).... more
      • the Cronenberg Academy stories!donnylaja, Tue Aug 14 10:08pm
        The Jenny Stories! Biker! and i hate to admit it -- the Naked in School stories
        • NISbase, Sat Aug 18 10:29am
          A little over 16 years ago, I wrote "Keiko - Naked in School" as a following on to Karen Wagner's original universe: For the past 16 years, I promised... more
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