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Not A ID
In some respects....
Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:41pm
2600:100f:b007:ec50:7da0:d332:7b29:9c5c is probably something of a spiritual successor to ASSTR. In many respects, it's engine probably could do everything ASSM seeks to do.I

Their missions are very comparable although their focuses differ. Considering I understand AO3 actually started out as a fan-fiction archive for the LGBTQI+ crowd with the express purpose of also allowing sexual content as well as eschewing most forms of censorship. (It has plenty of "straight" content as well)

Reality is these days, you probably don't need to reinvent the wheel, it might already exist as something of a open-source project already.

  • thanksdonnylaja, Tue Aug 14 10:06pm
    I'll try to save as much as possible on my own computer. So many 1990's stories inspired me from asstr. Stacy's Senior Year the Parker stories Brooke's Embarrassing Exam Female Anatomy Class Wren... more
    • In some respects.... — Not A ID, Wed Aug 15 2:41pm
      • Re: In some respects....iionly, Wed Aug 15 3:07pm
        I guess you mean . As I read the announcement, the ASSTR servers won't get shut down in the foreseeable future (as they already paid hosting for a few years in advance).... more
    • the Cronenberg Academy stories!donnylaja, Tue Aug 14 10:08pm
      The Jenny Stories! Biker! and i hate to admit it -- the Naked in School stories
      • NISbase, Sat Aug 18 10:29am
        A little over 16 years ago, I wrote "Keiko - Naked in School" as a following on to Karen Wagner's original universe: For the past 16 years, I promised... more
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