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need some help
Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:47am

The trouble is to post to admin to unblock me is to log on and then that IP is blocked too. Tried on 3 other PC's and 1 smartphone, didn't work LoL!!! Somehow the site is set up so you can't talk to the admin if your blocked, and can't get unblocked till after you do!

  • Re: need some helpiionly, Mon Aug 20 1:11am
    It seems that you might not be the only one who got blacklisted. There's even a contact form to deal with being blacklisted at . So, the message that your ... more
    • need some help — HenryG, Tue Aug 21 4:47am
      • Re: need some helpiionly, Tue Aug 21 1:17pm
        The link in my last post gets you to a contact form specifically for trouble with blocked IPs. And you wouldn't have to log in to be able to submit the form. Just provide the account name and email... more
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